YouTube Killer?: Former Hulu Boss Announces New Video Start-Up, Vessel

Jason Kilar, former CEO of streaming platform Hulu, is back with a new video focused start-up. The details are still a little vague but the project does have a name: Vessel. The name, announced today, will replace the equally vague codename “The Fremont Project,” by which the project has been known since Kilar left Hulu to join the venture last year.


Kilar and his partners are still mum about the specifics of their new project. A statement from Benchmark, a venture capital firm that has invested in the project, confirms that there are no plans to reveal any details about Vessel anytime soon. “While they are not planning to disclose any specifics today about the company, you can rest assured that they plan to bring their amazing product instincts and cultural leadership that were at the heart of Hulu’s success,” reads the vague but enthusiastic statement.

What is known is that Vessel is a video based product and that they are seeking content creators, “particularly” those who have experience creating video content. Could this be another YouTube competitor preparing to enter the field? Many analysts feel that the video giant is due for some competition, and rumors have swirled about Comcast and Yahoo preparing to field their own so-called “YouTube killers.” Yahoo was also rumored to be circling some of YouTube’s bigger names to sign to exclusive content deals. It seems any effort to compete with YouTube would require cooperation from at least some of the stars that the platform helped to incubate.

Before joining Hulu, Kilar was also an executive with Amazon, make for an impressive digital pedigree that gives weight to the mystery project.

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