YouTube To Kill Off Your Familiar Message Inbox For Something Scary & Different

Do you know how people become obsolete? They reach a point in technology where they say, “This is as far as I am going.” And they stay put. Companies make the same mistake and it’s just as fatal. So it is with that rationale in mind that NMR invites you to embrace yet another update in the YouTube configuration. Oh, we should also point out that companies who try and do too much change at once risk becoming obsolete as well. It’s a fine line.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 1.57.47 PMYouTube’s latest update is a shakeup of their messaging system in that they are tossing out the old system in favor of something that allows for less spam, more interaction between creators and fans and also conversation threads. Really this doesn’t seem too bad, but already YouTube is being inundated with complainers threatening to go obsolete. People were already incensed when YouTube moved its messaging box to a less-than-convenient location on the dashboard during their recent communication overhaul; now that message system is going the way of the eight-legged jumping shark, the dodo and the bear with chainsaws for arms (how the hell did this thing go extinct?).

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 2.10.32 PM

While there isn’t a hard deadline on when users will lose the messaging system, it will slowly be phased out over the coming months with its components being stripped away piece by piece. Initially creators will lose the ability to respond to contents in their mailbox — everything will become a read-only format (crikey, I feel like I am describing the apocalypse or something), then that too will be gone (Jeff makes the motion of invisible dust being lost to the wind). Fear not though, your old inbox messages can be downloaded and saved as a .CSV file, so all is not lost.

You can begin accessing your new system this week at Good luck keeping up with the technology rat race.

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