Fifteen-Year-Old Viner Conquers the iTunes Charts

We shouldn’t be surprised that it took Vine star Shawn Mendes less than an hour to reach the top of the iTunes charts — after all, he’s made a career out of doing things quickly. Mendes derives his fame, and his 2.9 million followers, from a series of six-second clips on Vine. The video app has turned Mendes into a social media star and he’s put that star power to work to help his recently released EP climb to the top of the iTunes charts.

Mendes promoted the release of his first EP “Life of the Party” the way any internet star should, with a live stream that connected him with a small percentage of millions of fans. That direct contact allowed Mendes to marshal the strength of his 1.46 million Twitter followers and trend a couple of simple hashtags. It took only 37 minutes for #ShawnMendesEP and #ShawnMendesNo1 to propel the EP to No. 1 on the iTunes download charts.

The feat is impressive, in particular because it demonstrates the power of social media to out-perform any sort of traditional album promotion. Mendes was joined on the charts by YouTube-savvy pop-rockers Five Seconds of Summer at No. 2 and internet personality Troye Sivan at No. 3. Mendes also broke records with his debut single, also titled “Life of the Party,” which debuted at No. 24 on the Billboard charts, making Shawn, at age 15, the youngest person ever to crack the Hot 100.
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