5 Awesome New YouTube Features Unveiled at VidCon 2014

The addition of fan funding was arguably the biggest change that YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced at the video giant’s VidCon 2014 keynote last week, but there are plenty of other important changes coming down the road to make life easier for creators. Check out these five new features that will change YouTube life as we know it!

1.       Fan-Submitted Subtitles

One of YouTube’s greatest strengths is its ability to help creators reach audiences all over the world. Unfortunately, language remains a barrier. While some types of content, like music, can cross the language divide, most can’t. Multilingual fans will often post translations in the comments of popular videos for the benefit of others. Now, YouTube has formalized this spontaneous process, allowing fans to submit translations that can be displayed as subtitles within the video. YouTube’s hyper-engaged fan audience is one of the site’s greatest strengths, and mobilizing them to help creators go global is a huge advantage.

2.       Mobile Video Management

Anyone who watched a VidCon vlog recently has probably seen a creator complaining about being tethered to a desktop or laptop waiting for a video to process or managing their content. Now, YouTube has finally set the creators free with a mobile app called “YouTube Creator Studio.” Creators can manage comments and track analytics from any mobile device freeing them up to spend more time creating content.

3.       Higher Frame Rates Coming Soon

Production values on YouTube content keep rising, as anyone who has seen a Freddie Wong video can attest. YouTube is keeping up with its action stars and VFX wizards by offering higher frame rates from 48-60 FPS.

4.       Crowd Funding Management

Last week we talked a bit about YouTube’s in-house fan funding tool through which fans can tip creators up to $500. Recognizing that outside fan funding through platforms like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter are still an integral part of the YouTube economy, the video site will now support interactive end-cards that will link directly to creator’s crowdfunding campaigns, making it easier to raise money for larger scale projects.

5.       YouTube Space NYC

YouTube is expanding its creator space program, which means more production and collaboration facilities to help creators improve their content and grow their channels. YouTube currently operates YouTube Spaces in major hubs like Tokyo, London and Los Angeles. Now, East Coast creators can rejoice as YouTube prepares to open a new space in New York City later this year. LA, already home to the television and film industry, has become a YouTube hub thanks in part to its own YouTube creator space. A similar space in NYC could help creators to better conquer the New York media world.

In addition to the new features it’s offering creators, YouTube will continue its efforts to break into the mainstream. The television ad campaign that began early this year with Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota and Rosanna Pansino has now been expanded to include Epic Rap Battles and soon, Vice News.  As NMR previously reported, YouTube will also be pushing its music community into the mainstream with its new SiriusXM countdown show “The YouTube 15.”

Which new feature do you think is most helpful and what would you like to see next year? Share this article to start a conversation.

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