8 Hilarious Meltdown Videos That You Have To See To Believe

Life is hard, man. We get you — NMR has a lot of feels, too. If the viral video of a Japanese politician having a public meltdown tells us anything, it’s that it’s okay to lose it every once in a while. Who cares if there are cameras filming you, people recording your every word and an internet full of international citizens waiting to pounce upon your emotional instability? Throw caution to the wind, my friend, and let it all out. NMR has thus composed for your viewing pleasure 8 HILARIOUS MELTDOWN videos, because if anything is sure to minimize your pain, it’s witnessing the pain of others. Feast your eyes on this:

8.) News Reporter Gets Angry

NMR understands that even local news reporters can feel the heat sometimes and thus have to get out of the kitchen. But we bet this on-site reporter wishes the cameras had stopped rolling before he decided to let off a little steam.

7.) Dennis Green Press Conference Meltdown

For all you sports fanatics out there, we present to you this gem of a press conference meltdown. Back when Dennis Green was the Arizona Cardinals’ coach in 2006, he didn’t take their loss to the Chicago Bears too well. Who could blame him? We hate da bears, too, Coach Green.

6.) Tyra Banks Yells at Model

This is an oldie but goodie. Turns out we never get tired of seeing Tyra lose her cool on a model castoff. If there are any pros to reality television, it’s witnessing moments like this.

5.) Jimmy Kimmel- I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

If there’s anything that kids love, it’s candy. Getting hopped up on corporate mandated sugar is a traditional American pastime. Thank goodness that we have Jimmy Kimmel here to prove that point in his original bit “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy.” It turns out that kids have a flare for the dramatic side too.

4.) Kanye West Loses It On Sway

When one dares to ruffle the feathers of the self-proclaimed creative genius, Kanye West, hell hath no fury like a Yeezus scorned. Go ahead and skip to 16:45 to see the conversation get a little, uh, heated. We’re on your side, Kanye, just so you know.

3.) Kristen Bell Sloth Meltdown

She’s blonde, she’s adorable, she’s the voice of a freaking Disney princess for pete’s sake. Kristen Bell is living the dream! So what got her into such a tizzy a few years back? Oh yes, that sloth obsession. Add quirky fetishes to her list, as well.

2.) Rob Ford Admits to Smoking Crack

Honesty is the best policy — at least, that’s what our mothers used to tell us. Apparently it’s also a credence that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford lived by. Unfortunately he didn’t live by many other laws, as showcased by his blazen admission to smoking crack. We’re happy to report that he’s out of rehab now and preparing for the fall mayoral re-election, so it turns out there is a pot of gold over the rainbow. We said pot of GOLD, mayor — don’t get too excited.

1.) Japanese Politician Lets Loose the Waterworks

Excuse me, but could someone hand the man a tissue? And possibly some NyQuil so he can sleep off whatever delirium he is currently in? Sure, news outlets were pressing politician Ryutaro Nonomura with tough questions about his reportedly illegal government spending, but we think it’s safe to say that his response was a tad on the dramatic side. Perhaps if he gets sacked from politics, he should take a crack at acting.

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