AOL Promises YouTubers Behind the Scenes with ‘Follow Me’ Trailer

Many of YouTube’s stars gained their fame by turning on a camera and opening a window into their own lives. However as we have heard time and time again, what we see in our subscription boxes is just a small piece of their real lives. NowAOL is pulling back the curtain entirely with “Follow Me,” a new documentary series that follows some of YouTube’s top creators in their daily lives.

The series’ tagline, “when their camera turns off ours turns on,” promises a no-limits look behind the scenes at the life of these particularly modern celebrities. The show was produced for AOL by Fullscreen and will follow the lives of some of the MCN’s top talent including Brittani Louise Taylor, 5 Second Films, Our 2nd Life, Marquese Scott, ScrewAttack!, Secret Life of a BioNerd, fouseyTube, Black Nerd Comedy and Megan Nicole.

AOL’s commitment to the series demonstrates the increasing public interest in YouTube creators, not just in the content they produce, but in their lives and the new kind of celebrity they engender. “Follow Me” is certainly timely given recent incidents in which YouTube stars have opened up about the strain of maintaining online fame. The most notable example is Connor Franta, who recently quit YouTube supergroup “Our Second Life,” alluding to personal struggles and the stress associated with his successful video career. Another popular YouTuber, Zoe Sugg (Zoella), recently released a vlog in which she openly cries over the stress of managing her media commitments.

While Franta is likely to appear in the series, as he was a member of O2L at the time of filming, it remains to be seen how much of his struggles the audience will be privy to. While the show promises an all-access pass to its subjects’ real lives, it is also a Fullscreen production with a cast made up exclusively of Fullscreen talent. The MCN has a very credible incentive to portray the lives of its stars as glamorous and trouble free.

The series will premiere July 29 on AOL and each episode will be released 24 hours later on AOL’s official YouTube channel.

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