Are You Ready To Rock? Music Vault Is The YouTube Destination For Old Concert Footage

Yesterday, I saw a kid skating while wearing a Nirvana T-shirt. He hadn’t been born during Kurt Cobain’s lifetime. And then I realized that this was the new generation of throwback kids — those youth who proclaim everything before their time was superior. And you know what? Now we have a YouTube site that allows us to confirm or deny such allegations. Music Vault has just unleashed 13,000 archived concert videos for your perusal. Now we really can go back and watch the early Stones performances before Mick Jagger turned into a piece of beef jerky or compare and contrast Jack White with Eric Clapton in his heavy cocaine days.

“After two years restoring, transferring, mixing and mastering thousands of tapes from our enormous archive, we’re thrilled and extremely proud to share this massive treasure with the YouTube music community,” Music Vault content editor Bill Antonucci said in a release.

“We believe this content deserves to be seen by the largest audience possible, and our partnership with YouTube allows us to do just that. Younger music fans will now be able to experience what it was like to see these classic bands at the peak of their powers while their parents relive the thrill of seeing shows they actually attended.”

The possibilities are endless.

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