Awards Round-Up: And The Winner is … YOUTUBE!

Nothing says “Hollywood” like a couple of fancy award shows dedicated to gratifying our vain celebrity culture. Normally NMR would look down upon such things with our cynical eyes, but it just so happens that a few YouTubers got some pristine statues thrown their way. Hence, the celebration!

It kicked off with the MTVU Fandom Awards July 24 at San Diego’s very own Comic-Con. The fans were able to vote for their all-time to-die-for fandoms. John Green, one-half of the VlogBrothers, won the Visionary Award for his novel, “The Fault in Our Stars.” Congrats, John! Can’t say we’re too surprised, since the mere mention of the name “Augustus” is enough to send tween girls into a hysteric tizzy.


Next up was the Young Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles on July 27. The winners were — you guessed it — young and the “ex-Disney” chic type, a la Nick Jonas and Vanessa Hudgens. “The Fault in Our Stars” cast did rack in the awards for Favorite Flick, Best On-Screen Couple and Fan Favorite Actor.

The large step for YouTube mankind came with the insatiable Jenna Marbles winning Viral Superstar. That space hooker slays the scene every freakin’ day! Of course she won! She even has the weird statue to prove it. Kudos to her for rocking that dress, and those purple locks of love.


Now, let’s please discuss the award for #SocialMediaSuperstar. Rather than drawing this out, don’t even bother guessing who won. It was Ashley Tisdale. And while we fully support you in all your social media endeavors, and we’re totes one of your 2.4 million insta-followers, excuse us while we pick our jaw up from the floor. She’s this year’s social media superstar? We’ve apparently been living under a rock, or have moved on from the “High School Musical” era. We personally would’ve gone for Zoella, who has 2.5 million insta-followers and a stellar blog. But alas, we were not put in charge.


Cyber high-fives to all the winners! Let the celebration continue!