Awkward Kids Burn Jack Vale With Awesomely Bad Girl Pranks At VidCon

Alright, NMR has to hand it to the Awkward Kids, we enjoyed the hell out of this video. Yes, they made it on behalf of NMR at VidCon, but there are polite ways to promote a video (see our coverage of their other two videos) and this one, where we flat out give two thumbs and two big toes up.

We weren’t certain about how a pranking the master, Jack Vale, was gonna turn out … especially because the Awkward Kids’ stated goal was to prank him poorly. But we dutifully set up the interview and went along with it.

We should have trusted in the collected talent of Michelle, Christiann and Dana all along, because these girls know how to turn in a video that makes us laugh. And, of course, it’s always fun to see Jack Vale get a little metaphorical pee on his shoe instead of the other way around. Word on the street is that this prank was a little payback for an earlier stunt Vale pulled on them — but you’ll have to ask the girls about that …

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 12.52.06 PM

Because Jack’s a good sport be sure to check out his page and do that whole “subscribey thing.” And of course, do the same for the Awkward Girls. Thanks, ladies — you made VidCon a hell of a lot more fun for us — hopefully, we see a lot more from you and get to cover some other hilariously bad Girl Pranks!

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