Can Disgraced Paula Deen Make a Digital Comeback?

Great news for fans of cholesterol and casual racism: Paula Deen has announced a launch date for her video on demand network. The disgraced Food Network star announced the forthcoming digital venture just over a month ago and has now set the launch date for September 24. Subscriptions will begin at just $7.99 per month for a one-year membership or $9.99 per month for those who are only willing to make a month-to-month commitment to the comfort food diva.

Videos will range across multiple formats from instructional how-to videos featuring Deen’s popular recipes, to reality and talk programs. Some have wondered whether Deen, whose reputation was tarnished by allegations of racist conduct, still has the personal popularity needed to draw an audience to a project like this.

Time will tell if the public still has an appetite for Paula Deen, but the project does raise an interesting question. Is it possible for troubled celebrities to reboot their personal brands online? Paula Deen’s southern charm may be a test case for other celebs looking to launch a comeback without the support of a major network.

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