Coal Rolling: The Expensive New Redneck Trend Hilariously Polluting YouTube (And The Environment)

There are several ways one can look at this obnoxious new trend popping up on YouTube in which people modify their vehicles (pickup trucks, mostly) to spray billowing clouds of soot on bystanders with the flick of a switch. First, it’s pretty funny that Prius drivers and those distance bike riders seem to be the main focus of their ire — those are two groups who need more harassing because they are so smug, fussy and obnoxious in their own right.

On another hand, some people claim they are coal rolling to protest Obama and the notion of climate change — that’s just stupid. While it’s true that a single super volcanic eruption spews more toxic gas than all of the factories in China and pickup trucks in Texas combined, humans can definitely f**k with climate, just as we can f**k with animal populations and other environmental concerns.

And on a mysterious third hand, we, at its core, just have a new form of bullying and irritation. So while it’s funny to see SOME people get coal rolled, it’s angering to see less-annoying folk get harassed. Ahh, here we have that sweet grey area that makes life so complex. But then, you might not actually have to make up your mind about embracing this trend:

Apparently contrary to popular belief, the act of modifying a truck to change or enhance pollution is illegal. So we’ll see how long this trend actually lasts.

Look, if you hillbillies and rednecks just stick to the Prius drivers, I think we’ll get along just fine.

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