Collective Digital Studios Joins the YA Craze With James Patterson’s ‘Maximum Ride’

With the success of movie franchises like “The Hunger Games,” “Divergent” and “The Fault In Our Stars,” and TV properties like “Pretty Little Liars” and “The Vampire Diaries,” it seems that everyone wants to get in on the YA craze. Young adult literature has proven to be eminently adaptable to film and television, and now multi-channel networks are getting in on the action as well. Collective Digital Studios, best known as the home of “The Annoying Orange,” FreddieW and Hannah Hart, has inked a deal to adapt author James Patterson’s popular YA series “Maximum Ride.”

Best known for his adult thrillers, most commonly the Alex Cross novels, “Maximum Ride” is Patterson’s first foray into young adult literature. With over 30 million copies sold it would seem to be a success. The series, which includes elements of fantasy and science fiction, currently includes eight novels providing plenty of material for Collective to adapt.

The deal is one of the first of its kind and grants the Collective exclusive online rights to Patterson’s novels. By signing with a digital network rather than holding out for a TV or film deal, Patterson confirms the increasing viability of digital media to compete with traditional platforms. In a statement released by Collective announcing the deal, Patterson said, “CDS impressed me with their understanding of my readers and their track record for producing premium online digital series.”

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Digital studios like CDS have a particular advantage when it comes to adapting young adult literature. There is considerable overlap between the youthful audience of most YA and the similarly younger audience that consumes the majority of online video content. However, the recent boom in YA film and television franchises means that Collective will have an opportunity to capture its fair share of adult eyes with Maximum Ride. CDS says they are “already in discussion with high level YouTube talent to participate in what is anticipated to be a major YouTube programming event.”

Will you be waiting for the online debut of Maximum Ride?

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