Controversial Right-Wing Pundit Goes Digital

We recently reported on the launch of ex-Food Network star Paula Deen’s new subscription-based digital network. If you’re anything like me, then that story immediately set you to wondering what other genuinely terrible public figures could potentially stage a digital comeback. Well wait no more, because NMR has the answer. Conservative soundbyte generator and reality star Sarah Palin has announced The Sarah Palin Channel, a subscription-based video service soon to launch on digital television platform TAPP TV.

The channel will target both supporters of Palin’s conservative political ideology and fans of the political pundit’s Kardashian-esque array of reality shows. In a trailer video, Palin explains that her channel will supply news and opinion as well as slice-of-life reality content featuring her family. The ex-vice presidential candidate expresses a desire to “cut through the media’s politically correct filters” and “speak without having to please the powers that be.” As a public figure, Palin has often struggled with the mainstream media, which has portrayed her as dull-witted and buffoonish by, you know,  asking her questions and then reporting her answers. Fortunately Palin’s channel will be free of such cunning media trickery.

The channel carries a considerable price tag. A monthly membership is $9.95 and an annual subscription will run you $99.95. However, members of the military will receive a free subscription and access to all the Palin content they can physically withstand. The channel is primarily geared toward serious Palin enthusiasts rather than the casually interested. The former governor of Alaska has a dedicated following on social media, many of whom might be willing to pay a premium for more Palin.

The TAPP digital platform aims to provide space for big personalities with strong niche followings, and Palin certainly qualifies. Figures like Palin may find it difficult to communicate their often hyperbolic messages via a mainstream media where journalists are often free to ask questions about things. Digital networks can provide a space for public figures who feel their message is impeded by accountability to the press.

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