Crackle Tries Something New With the Release of its Summer Thriller ‘Sequestered”

“Sequestered,” the latest release from digital network Crackle, is a real summer thriller. That is what is known in the business as a double entendre because not only is “Sequestered” being released in the summertime, but it also stars actress Summer Glau. Seriously though, the show is a summer thriller that follows several members of a sequestered jury who are deliberating on a kidnapping case. The series is produced by Crackle, the same network that just scored an Emmy nomination for Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.”

Glau stars as a juror who has to choose between what she believes to be right and the safety of her family outside the courtroom. She is joined by Jesse Bradford as a defense attorney and Patrick Warburton as the father of the victim. The show is directed by Shawn Ku and Kevin Tancharoen, who also directed Machinima’s surprising digital hit “Mortal Kombat: Legacy.”

Interestingly, Crackle is experimenting with the watch format for its latest digital release. The conventional Netflix approach is to drop an entire series all at once and allow viewers to pace themselves. This creates a huge amount of buzz as many hardcore fans binge watch an entire series in just a day or two. However, unlike a mainstream television show that airs an episode a week, the buzz tends to die down relatively quickly as the show’s most vocal fans complete their watching experience.

Crackle is trying to circumvent the binge and bust effect and build a bit of momentum for “Sequestered” by releasing the series in two parts. The first six episodes will be released on August 5. Fans will then have a few months to speculate about the series, and hopefully talk it up to their friends, before the second half of the season drops on October 14. Time will tell if this experiment pays any dividends for Crackle, but it’s about time that digital content producers took advantage of the opportunity to play with the traditional release schedule.

Will you be tuning in for the first half of “Sequestered” or will the Summer Glau curse strike again?

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