Dad Takes Daughter On Her ‘First Date’: Only Creeps Would Find This Video ‘Creepy’

This video has bounced around a while and I’ve tried to ignore it because it is stupid and cheesy. And yet, now with eight million views in the bag, it has attracted some controversy from viewers who claim that this sort of thing is creepy and/or borderline pedophile-incest. What?!

When did this weird vibe come in to play where everybody is a child predator, including parents? I blame the media on this one. We’ve manufactured monsters and built them up so much that now every guy out there is a sicko or pervert. If this bullshit trend keeps up, pretty soon guys won’t even be allowed around children, dads included. I wish I were joking. We’re a stupid society though and we’re not getting any brighter.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 2.01.42 PMDo I find this video to be awful? Absolutely. Do I think it’s anything more than that? Not even. Learn that not everything is a rape waiting to happen, f**kos!

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