Dailymotion Is On The Hunt For The Next Big Web Series

French online video platform Dailymotion is teaming up with the London-based Raindance Film Festival to host a competition for web series creators. The pair has teamed up to find the next great creator and give them access to the resources they need to bring their idea to life. Creators will submit a five-minute scripted pilot for their potential original web series to be judged by a Raindance panel. The winner will received £2,500 to spend on production.

In addition to the funding and the prestige of winning the contest, the winning web series will also receive publicity support via a permanent spot on Dailymotion’s homepage and promotion via the company’s various social media streams. Creators will also have access to Dailymotion’s studios in Paris for post-production.

It’s an attractive offer for web series creators who are finding more and more opportunities as online video audiences grow. Major brands are developing web series through their own digital studios, and the medium is fast gaining acceptance in the world of traditional film and television. The competition will be part of the Raindance Web Fest, a spin-off of the Raindance Film Festival which targets emerging filmmakers.

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