Dancing Without Music Somehow MORE AWKWARD Than Dancing With Music [Video]

A lot of people feel awkward about dancing. I bet at some point in your life someone has said, “Don’t be self-conscious. Just dance like no one is watching.” This is terrible advice! Someone is always watching! In case you weren’t insecure enough about your moves, YouTuber Joseph Costello asked patrons of Venice Beach in California to dance on camera, promising to add music later. Joseph Costello is a liar! He did NOT add music later, my friends, and the result is just as awkward as you might expect.

What can we learn from this video? Well, first and foremost, don’t trust Joseph Costello, because he will make you look silly on the internet. But a close second is don’t ever dance like no one is watching. Dance like several very important people are watching! Or don’t dance at all! Ever! This wisdom is yours to keep.

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