‘DeathStroke: Arkham Assassin’ Team Back With Kickstarter For Female-Centric ‘Ravager’ Short [INTERVIEW]

The trouble with Kickstarter is that there are a ton of projects and only a few really exciting or interesting ones. Yes, we’re talking to the rest of you — your dreams and passion projects suck. Be more interesting. And then there’s this effects-laden bit of badassery in the form of this short film for YouTube, et cetera.

Called “Ravager,” it’s based in the comic book world and put out by the same team who put out the viral YouTube short “Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin” (below). If you saw the “Deathstroke” film already, you know this is a CGI-savvy crew who puts out good, smart content that is also chock-a-block full of badass action.

And best of all, the asskicker in this thing is a female. Finally we’ll get to see a girl superhero kick ass in a vehicle that knows how to showcase it.

Because we’re fans of his first video, we figured we’d ask Chris White, the director, about the dealio with “Ravager.” Here are a few questions answered:

What lead you to make a Ravager story?

Chris: My brother and I were big fans of Teen Titans (both TV show and comic series). Deathstroke was always the most interesting in the series. There was several comic issues with a cool side story of Deathstroke mentoring his daughter Ravager. The dynamic between them was so unique and twisted at the time. This was way before the “Kick-Ass” comics with Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, and even Hit-Girl is very much a good guy … Ravager is straight up nuts.

This story also let’s us play around with the character of Raven as well, another of the Teen Titans characters with severe daddy issues. There’s also barely any good films (or fan films) with female-driven stories. We’re hoping we can help change that by showing there’s plenty of interesting strong female characters that have great stories to tell … if done right.

Why did you choose Kickstarter over, say, Indiegogo?

We chose Kickstarter because we have a set amount as a budget needed in order to film it. That is literally the bare minimum we’d need to make it right — we’re even putting our own money into it. Anything below that budget and we would have to start compromising on the quality even more, which is something we won’t do (has to be better then our previous Deathstroke short, otherwise what’s the point?). Kickstarter also tends to get more press attention because of the drama of it — it’s an all-or-nothing model where the fate of a project rests in the balance. This particular project suits Kickstarter best.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 3.45.40 PM

What happens if you don’t get the funds for this project? Is there a way it will still be seen somehow?

If we dont reach our goal on the Kickstarter we can’t shoot it. Unfortunately it’s as simple as that. If it were an original project then maybe an investor could be found, but this being a fan film no profit could be made. We’re part of Machinima’s network and I read a while back Warner Bros. is backing them (WB owns DC Comics/Ravager), so maybe a miracle happens one day.

Head over to the “Ravager” Kickstarter page for more details or to donate some of your sweet moola. They did that all-or-nothing campaign, so be sure to donate so I can watch the hell out of this thing.

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