Did Snapchat Buy Vine Superstar Jerome Jarre?

So Time online just dropped an article about how people are now becoming Snapchat superstars. And chief on the list is Jerome Jarre, the Vine star who has largely switched — according to the article — from his 6 million Vine followers to creating content for 2 million Snapchat fans.

Does that make any sense to you? Maybe Jarre sees what we can’t — that somehow the medium with disappearing videos has a higher overhead and brighter glass ceiling than Vine. Or maybe the Vine market is just oversaturated and he, an earlier adopter of Vine, is just on to the next trendy thing?

But NMR presents a different scenario for your consideration: Snapchat bought him off. A celebrity subculture seems to go hand in hand with major new media outlets. But Snapchat, with its emphasis on ephemeral imagery doesn’t lend itself to that sort of niche.

So we’re betting the lords of Snapchat (Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel and others) got around the air hockey table and said, “How the hell can we build a Snapchat superstar?”

And then some young hipster, twirling at the wisps of his (or her!) mustache and said, “Why create a superstar when we can buy one?” (If I had time, I would really do all this up in Dr. Seuss rhyme-scheme).

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 3.00.58 PMWe’ve naturally reached out to Snapchat and Jerome Jarre for comment, but will be surprised if we receive an answer. Somehow it seems less cool when you have to pay to be trendy … the 1986 classic teen flick “Can’t Buy Me Love” taught us that.

Anyways, it’s all just mad speculation, but it really doesn’t seem too far off of completely likely, does it?