Ex-Machinima Execs Launch New Studio With SeaNanners and TheSyndicateProject

It’s been a big day for Machinima execs past and present apparently. Not only did the company’s former EVP of strategy and development land a spot as chief of Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital network, but two other former members of the Machinima family are launching their own projects today along with two big names in YouTube gaming. Angelo Pullen and Luke Stepleton are launching their new digital entertainment venture, 3BlackDot, and they’re teaming up with Adam Montoya (SeaNanners) and Tom Cassell (TheSyndicateProject) to do it.

The company will focus on producing content both for digital and traditional distribution and, like Machinima, it will focus on young gamers. The inclusion of two of YouTube’s biggest gaming stars is notable, though the roles that the pair will play has yet to be defined. They are listed as principal partners along with Pullen and Stepleton, but it is likely that their role will be at least partially creative. The two have over 12 million subscribers between them and have built a career creating gaming-focused content.

3BlackDot has already had some success with a soft launch last fall. The company released a free mobile game called “Zombie Killer Squad” which utilized the likenesses of Montoya and Cassell. The game sold over 2.6 million units, largely on the strength of endorsement from the two YouTube stars, proving the value of influencers in developing new media products.

The company announced its official launch at the Casual Connect Conference in San Francisco and will begin announcing new products and content in the coming months.

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