Facebook Mentions Unveiled For Highly Followed Social Media Users

The world of social media is a popularity contest. In order for a network to thrive it has to attract and hold onto the cool kids. In the case of major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, those cool-kids are celebrities. Facebook, in particular, is anxious to attract and retain high-end users who will use the site to post content that will, in turn, keep their fans coming back. One way that Facebook is planning to do that is with a new app that’s only for the elite.


Facebook Mentions is the name chosen for a new Facebook mobile app that’s available only to those individuals with verified Facebook accounts. It allows high-powered Facebook users to manage their accounts from their mobile device with less effort. According to Facebook, the new app will make it easier for celebrities to manage their interactions with fans by filtering notifications and singling out interactions from other high-profile users.

Mentions is an acknowledgement that using social media for the famous is a very different proposition than it would be for your or I. The sheer number of followers and daily interactions alone would be overwhelming without a tool to manage them. The app also features a two-step authentication process to help guard against account hijacking. Social media accounts play a key role in a celebrities’ personal brands, and losing control of those accounts, even briefly, can be disastrous.

Perhaps the rise of celebrity-focused tools like Facebook Mentions will lead to more celebrities handling their social media directly, rather than delegating posting duties to interns and publicists. I think we’d all have a lot more fun if more stars could hop on Facebook directly, rather than leaving their staff to post an endless string of banal inspirational quotes and product promotions.

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