‘Fan Funding’: The New YouTube Function That Threatens To Isolate Fans?

The Young Turks are pioneers in many facets of YouTube — they’ve achieved a success few have and enjoy some of the most loyal followers of any channel. Part of their pioneering ways, though, have caused them to become early adopters of the new Fan Funding Support button now offered on select YouTube pages via Google Wallets.

The idea is that in addition to set crowdfunding measures, channels like The Young Turks will be able to generate additional support income through the generosity of their fans. So far, The Young Turks have generated about $400 through the Support button, out of a currently maximum $500 ceiling.

But this new innovation in financial support has a serious potential for trouble and The Young Turks know it: “I don’t want even the appearance of exploitation or we’re taking them for granted or we’re looking for a handout,” Steve Oh, TYT’s COO said, regarding their fans.

This new Fan Funding program for The Young Turks comes on the heels of them raising over $400,000 through a crowdsourcing campaign — a move that was viewed as controversial by some in the first place.

At what point do fans begin to feel taken advantage of? Hopefully, The Young Turks don’t become pioneers in that as well.

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