Felicia Day and the Geek and Sundry Team Take On San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us once more and that means that the Geek Queen of YouTube Felicia Day and her Geek and Sundry network will be out in full force. What was once a niche event for only the nerdiest of nerds is now a major media blow-out covering every area of pop culture and attracting tens of thousands of guests. Comic-Con is the physical manifestation of the recent rise of geek culture and there are few individuals more synonymous with geek culture than Felicia Day.

For the third consecutive year the Geek and Sundry crew will operate their own lounge at Comic-Con. YouTube creators are an increasingly important part of fan culture and events like Comic-Con give them an opportunity interact with fans and with the various pop-culture fandoms they support. A full schedule of Geek and Sundry events can be found below.


10:00am               Felicia Day Welcome and Signing

11:00am               Coffee & Donuts with BioWare’s development team

11:30am               Dragon Age : Inquisition demo

12:00pm               Welcome to Night Vale panel

12:30pm               The Castles of Burgundy with Felicia Day

2:00pm                 Krosmaster: Arena with Felicia Day and the cast of Spooked (including Ashley Johnson)

2:30pm                 The Witcher Trivia Madness

3:00pm                 Espionage Cosmetics creates Morganville vampire “bites”

3:30pm                Smash Up with Nika Harper

4:00pm                Vaginal Fantasy Happy Hour

5:00pm                 Meet the Geek & Sundry vloggers

5:00pm                 Dragon Age : Inquisition demo

10:00pm-              G&S Community Party presented by Logitech G (Ages 21 & Over only)



10:00am               Play Skullgirls on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 all day

10:00am               The Witcher Adventure Game sneak peek

11:00am               The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt demo

11:30am               Art demo with Skullgirls artist Alex Ahad

12:00pm               Espionage Cosmetics creates Geralt’s scar

12:30pm               Space Janitors Ep. 1 sneak peek with cast

1:00pm                 Art demo with Skullgirls artist Mariel Cartwright

1:30pm                 Gloom with Patrick Rothfuss and Keith Baker

2:00pm                 Dragon Age : Inquisition demo

2:30pm                 Morganville panel presented by Blackmagic Design (including Amber Benson)

3:30pm                 Spellslingers’ Magic: The Gathering Battle Tournament

4:00pm                 Art demo with Skullgirls artist Richard Suh

5:00pm                 Dragon Age : Inquisition demo and panel

8:30pm-                Party of the Planeswalkers presented by Magic: The Gathering (Ages 21 & Over only)


BAD HAT HARRY AND GEEK & SUNDRY GET SPOOKED AGAIN! – THURSDAY JULY 24 6:45-7:45pm @ Room 6A, San Diego Convention Center

GEEK & SUNDRY: WHAT’S NEXT WITH FELICIA DAY -SATURDAY JULY 26 6:00-7:00pm @ Hilton Indigo Ballroom

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