Fullscreen Introduces Its Own YouTube and Vine Talent Live Gathering: InTour

It’s secret that YouTube gatherings are big business now. YouTube stars have developed huge online audiences and those audiences want to experience their favorites first hand. This year’s VidCon had over 18,000 attendees, most of whom were paying ticket holders who also shelled out for hotel rooms, merchandise, meet-and-greets and signings. That translates into a lot of cash changing hands. The same can be said of the highly successful Digitour, which travels the country with a rotating cast of YouTubers, pop musicians and Viners selling thousands of tickets in every city.

With all that in mind, it’s not a big surprise to find more and more gatherings, conventions and concerts cropping up to meet the demand for face time with the stars of the internet. Last week we announced SocialCon Chicago, a convention-style gathering running in conjunction with Chicago Comic-Con. Now, Fullscreen is stepping into the game, organizing their own festival-style gathering, “InTour.”

Given the recent growth in the market for social media gatherings it’s surprising that we haven’t seen one of the major MCNs take a stab at developing their own until now. Fullscreen is partnering with 4Fini, the event production company responsible for the Warped Tour, to produce the event.

Scheduled for September 13 at the Pasadena Convention Center, the event will feature a line-up of Fullscreen’s top YouTube and Vine talent including Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Jc Caylen, JennXPenn, Sam Tsui, Alx James, Brent Rivera, Christian Collins, Crawford Collins, Dylan Dauzat, FreshBigMouf and Charity Vance.

The gathering is both a revenue opportunity, and a chance for Fullscreen to give its stars the spotlight without competing with other brands and creators. For fans it will be another opportunity to see and possibly meet their favorite creators in person. Similar events continue to sell out in records time. Given the massive combined audience of the creators involved and the experienced team producing the event, InTour is likely to be a hit.

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