Google Execs Hype YouTube and Google Play To Investors

It’s always difficult to gauge YouTube’s financial performance because parent company Google doesn’t break out results for its video division from its quarterly reports. However, based on what Google execs told investors in their second quarter earnings report conference call, it’s clear that YouTube and Google Play will feature heavily in Google’s upcoming strategy.

While reports suggest that YouTube’s earnings may have missed the mark, Google execs were quick to play up the importance of YouTube to advertises and to plug the rapid growth of Google Play. Play, which is now available in 90 countries, has continued to expand its content library. Most recently, the video purveyor finalized a deal with CBS to bring that network’s television content into the Google Play archive.

It’s clear from the transcript that Google, like its ailing competitor Yahoo, is banking big on online video to pull its weight into the future. That will most likely mean more focus on developing YouTube’s audience through advertising and promotion, and providing resources to support the platforms’ native creators.

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