Google Grabs Songza as Streaming Music Wars Heat Up

Google and YouTube are super serious about their new streaming music venture. In fact, they’re so serious that they just snapped up Songza overnight for an undisclosed amount of money (note: undisclosed amount of money usually means a LOT OF MONEY). While Songza itself is a streaming music service, it specializes in curated playlists based on moods, time of day, specific activity or genre.


YouTube has been working for months to secure agreements with the record industry to increase its streaming catalog and Songza will bring that collection closer to completion with its own music portfolio. It’s clear that Google is after more than just music rights with this acquisition though. Even as a potential video war is brewing between YouTube, Yahoo and a field of new potential competitors like Vessel and Comcast, Google has been gearing up for another fight.

The war for music streaming is one in which the search giant doesn’t have as massive a head start. However, their dominance in the world of online video still gives them a huge advantage at the negotiating table. Songza’s signature curated playlists could be the competitive edge that YouTube music needs. The curation service could also make a fine addition to the video

ecosystem. Despite its popularity and huge crop of creative stars, the YouTube ecosystem is still a jungle of content clutter. A Songza-esque system to organize, categorize and promote the best content curated via video playlists could be the answer to making YouTube more accessible to the mainstream.

Where do you stream your music and what would make you think about changing?

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