Got a Beard Problem? YouTuber Shows You How to Just Shake It Off [VIDEO]

Shaving is objectively terrible. It’s one of the few things that men and women unequivocally agree on. If you had to describe it to an alien you would say, “It’s basically scraping sharp blades across your skin so that they will hopefully scratch off all the naturally occurring hair.” The alien would not be enthused about this idea either. Anyway, the point is that I don’t like to shave and I’m super happy that beards are in style right now. (They are still in style right? RIGHT?!) Anyway, if that ever changes I’m going to have to get this guy to teach me his secret. Scott Allen Perry of “The Perry Brothers” has apparently found a way to shake his beard right off his face, no blade scraping necessary. Check it out.

That would be a major morning time saver for me, although I might give it one more shake and lose the scruff as well.

Share this with your bearded friends! And your unbearded friends! Don’t discriminate against the beardless you jerk!

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