Grumpy Cat and Other Celebrity Cats Get Together For the Ultimate ‘Cat Summer’ [VIDEO]

Okay, I admit it: I’ve been singing “Cat Summer” nonstop since I watched this video. My pug is not amused.

Purina Friskies has effectively cornered the ad market in viral videos of cats — this time doing it by bringing several of the internet’s most recognizable cats together for a “cat party.” Grumpy Cat, Nala Cat, Oskar & Klaus and Hamilton the Hipster Cat all got together for a BBQ of epically cute proportions. Naturally, Friskies was served.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.29.29 PM

The real news in this video though was a reveal of the untimely passing of another internet celeb cat — Colonel Meow — a brave soul whose war came to an end this year. Maybe spill a little milk on the curb for our homie cat who couldn’t make it to the party … Colonel Meow, this one’s for you:

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