Handsome Prisoner Gets $30,000 Modelling Contract In Wake Of Viral Mug Shot

Remember that cheesecake mug shot of the gang member convict, Jeremy Meeks, with the baby blue eyes that was recently shared by pretty much everyone on the internet? Yeah, he just got awarded a $30,000 modelling contract.

Blaze Modelz, likely a whorehouse of a modelling agency, has signed the creep with the chiseled cheekbones, believing they can book Meeks with the major fashion houses — they even believe that his facial prison tattoos will be a big asset in helping him land deals. I don’t think they are wrong, but their ability to work with the 30-year-old would-be model hinges on his ability to escape the penalties stacked against him for gun and drug charges. Allegedly the man is staring down many, many years behind bars.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 12.44.15 PM

Also, as more pictures of the man emerge, it’s becoming increasingly clear that he is significantly less handsome from virtually all other angles. And he’s now being repped by the same lady who made “stars” out of Octomom and Farrah Abraham … so good luck with that.

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