How Will You REACT To This YouTube News from the Fine Brothers?

The Fine Brothers are some of the most accomplished creators on YouTube, but it’s clear that their “React” series is the foundation on which all their success is built. Presumably that’s why Benny and Rafi Fine are launching a new standalone channel to host the various versions of their most popular series.

The Fine Bros announced the new channel in a video yesterday, and it has already amassed more than half a million subscribers. That’s a far cry from the 9 million who are subscribed to the Fines’ main channel, but it’s not too shabby for a channel that was announced to the public less than 24 hours ago. The new channel, “React,” will feature new episodes of the four original “React” flavors, “Kids React,” “Teens React,” “Elders React,” and “YouTubers React.” Those shows will continue to premier weekly on the Fine’s main channel.

The new channel will also feature “React”-related content, including the bonus footage that didn’t make the cuts of the regular episodes. The Fines also plan to premier a handful of new series that will riff on the original “React” concept. Look out for:

–          “Games” In which Kids, Teens, and Elders attempt a “Let’s Play” of a popular game.

–          “Advice” – In which familiar “React” stars take fan questions

–          “React Remix” – A return of the popular musical remixes of react episodes

–          “Kids Vs. Food” – In which the kids from Kids React sample unusual foods

–          “Lyrics Breakdown” – React Teens explain the meaning of popular song lyrics

The choice to launch a new series full of bonus “React” content makes perfect sense given that the Fine Bros are in the process of developing a pilot named “React To That,” a TV adaptation of the “React” format for Nickelodeon. The Fines are smart to expand on the platform of their signature show early, providing a comfortable home for brand new fans that are sure to appear once the TV show makes its way to the air.

Check out the channel trailer above and share this article so everyone you know can REACT!

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