‘I Got It!’ Disabled Boy’s First Steps On YouTube Melt The Internet’s Stone Heart [VIDEO]


You know, it could be said that it takes real guts to mock a kid with a handicap taking his first steps, knowing that the whole world will pretty much be against you.

Fortunately, nobody seems to have anything but positive encouragement for this little guy, Kayden Kinckle, whose inspiring chant of “I got it,” as he soldiers along with a walker, has enraptured the internet.

Kayden was born with Omphalocele, a condition that caused his organs to develop on the outside of his body. He also had to have his right leg and left foot amputated at birth. He wasn’t supposed to live to even get those first steps, so this video is something of a recorded miracle.

Stick around with the video until his mom switches to the front view — that’s where the real gooey heartwarming stuff comes in to play.

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