IMDb For Online Video? NeonGrid Could Be Just That

In the world of film or television it’s easy to learn everything you need to know about someone’s career with just a few clicks. Just pick that actor, director or writer that you’re interested in and the Internet Movie Database, commonly known as IMDb, will show you just about every project they’ve ever been credited on. In the world of online video it’s not nearly so simple. Creators will often credit their collaborators on a given video, but in a world where creators are working across multiple platforms and producing content with an ever widening network, it can be nearly impossible to track down all of your favorite creator’s projects, collabs and cameos. A new service called NeonGrid aims to change that.


NeonGrid allows creators to establish a profile or “grid” that includes all of their recent projects. Those projects each have their own dedicated page where the video can be viewed and all the individuals are credited, ideally with links to their own grid. Each creator’s grid also includes a curated list of colleagues, making it easier to network.

The concept isn’t new, and if it seems to share some DNA with IMDb, that’s probably because founder John W. Gibbons is a former member of IMDb’s monetization team. However, existing sites which aggregate creative credits don’t integrate with the various online platforms increasingly used by digital media creators. Bringing together work created for YouTube, Vimeo, and even iTunes, can help creators to build both a portfolio of their work and a professional network.

Like most networks, the key to getting NeonGrid off the ground will be buy-in from members of the community it serves. To establish that initial momentum, the company has already reached out to begin partnerships with YouTube networks like Machinima and Big Frame.

Would you love to see all your favorite creators’ projects in one place?

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