Irish Spiderman Stops Assailant, Gets Arrested [VIDEO]

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The unknowns vastly outweigh the knowns in this video of a Spiderman street performer tangling with a man in Dublin that is going viral. As the video commentators admit, “It’s not something you see everyday.”

We don’t know what started the fight, we don’t know the names of the fighters — but the Irish police blotter says that the two men were both arrested and that one of them is 25 and the other is 39. The non-Spiderman guy looks to be about 25, which means that this Spiderman has made some poor choices in life — more than a few, probably.

Whatever happened to cause it, this poor fool messed with the wrong webslinger. I bet it was the highlight of this old Spiderman’s life — even if he did get thrown in the pokey.