Is Reddit’s New Musical ‘Bad Boy’ So Bad He’s Actually … Good?


Vennu Mallesh is currently exploring the life of being a novelty. Like the Pet Rock, the Tamigotchi and Crystal Pepsi, Mallesh is to be absorbed into pop culture, talked about and then forgotten. But like many short-lived trends, Mallesh’s moment in the sun is glorious.

His song “It’s My Life What Ever I Want To Do,” is essentially an English language abortion about being a badass … which, admittedly, is sort of badass. Mallesh put this video up on YouTube back in 2012, but Reddit just got ahold of it and has sent it to the stratosphere with over 4 million views.

The real joy here is the secret dream that Mallesh capitalizes on this for real and becomes an accepted member of pop culture society. We need another Susan Boyle to tamper our cynicism and cool our snark — it’s in danger of meltdown again.