Jack Vale Vs. Jake Vale: NMR Mercilessly Pits Father & Son’s Prank Videos Against One Another [Bwahahahaha]


Jack Vale is a dedicated family man — so he’s doubtlessly excited his son Jake decided to follow him into the family’s pranking business. But lets be honest: there has to be a limit at which a father wants his kid to succeed. We’re talking about legacies here after all, and considering both are monetizing off their videos, the two prank channels are almost like lightbulb stores set up next to one another. Which do you choose if you only can get one lightbulb? We’ve decided to offer you the latest effort from each Vale — father and son. Who is better? We’ll let you decide. It’s like Epic Rap Battles of History except with pranking.

Jack is at the top, Jake’s video is at the bottom. Watch both and let us know: has the student become the master pranker yet?

Share this video because it’s pretty much Vale Day here at NMR.

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