Jack Vale’s Daughter Becomes Instant Famous On Facebook With Singing Video

Damn, Jack Vale! I’ve decided I have to become a hideously disfigured supervillain, hell-bent on your downfall. You’ve got money, fame, talent, you’re nice and charitable, you’ve got a gorgeous and sweet wife and now numerous talented kids. No man should have so much. Hmm, I’ll be like the Frank Grimes to your Homer Simpson.


Yup, the rest of you guessed it: a Vale is making waves again. It isn’t Jack or Jake though — it’s Jack’s daughter Madysyn Rose. After Jack posted a clip of her singing on Facebook, it, quite simply, went nuts. Apparently everybody in California looked at the post as it allegedly, in Jack’s words, “received like 14 million views and more than 100K likes.” It also garnered the Vale family a call from Warner Bros. possibly in relation to a musical contract. We’ll see.


Oh, I can’t stay jealous of the Vales — they’re all too nice. Just remember your pals at NMR when you get tired of throwing money out the windows of your limos (yes, plural).

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