Jerry Seinfeld Pours Out ‘Single Shots’ Of His Hit Web Series ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’

One of the biggest strengths of online video is the ability to play around with format. The producers of Jerry Seinfeld’s Emmy-nominated “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” are doing just that. A new season of the popular Crackle comedy series is still a few months away, but Seinfeld has a plan to bridge the gap. Every Thursday, Crackle will release an episode of “Single Shots,” a short supercut of leftover footage from the first four seasons, in which Seinfeld’s celebrity guests discuss a particular topic or theme. Unlike the lingering cup of coffee that is the original show, the new series will be like a quick shot of espresso, hence the title.

The series is a perfect demonstration of how versatile a digital platform can be. In four seasons, “Comedians in Cars” has generated hours of extra footage that didn’t make it through the editing process for one reason or another. With no rigid television format to adhere to, the producers are free to remix all that material into something new. The move makes use of material that is, in a sense, already paid for to extend the life of the show and keep viewers coming back in the gap between seasons.

The first episode is live today on Crackle’s channel and features some of the biggest names in comedy (Tina Fey, Brian Regan and Sarah Silverman) discussing perhaps the most admirable topic of all: donuts. New “Single Shots” episodes will go live every Thursday from now until the Fall premier of the show’s fifth season.

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