Jerry Springer Brings The Glory of 90s-Era Trash Television To YouTube On His New Channel

Worried that there aren’t enough neo-Nazis, transgendered acrobats or crab people on YouTube? Fear no more! The trashiest component of 90’s daytime television is now the trashiest of 21st century YouTube.

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Yup, the Cincinnati-governor-turned-talk-show-host, Jerry Springer, is now bringing his schtick to YouTube, what with its white-trash cheaters, exhibisionists and carnival of the bizarre.

It will be interesting to see if Springer can escape the curse that has hampered mainstream celebrities’ ability to flourish in the digital domain. Considering that the trailer he includes on his channel is pretty much constrained to dwarves, people boxing and cakes being dumped on cheaters, I’d say … still no, probably not. NMR will be tuning in at least.

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