Joey Graceffa Releases Trailer for His New Short Film ‘Eon’

It’s been a big week for YouTubers breaking into new formats and announcing major projects. Now we can add another name to the list as Joey Graceffa, already one of YouTube’s most popular vloggers, releases the trailer for his upcoming short film “Eon.” The project is co-produced by Graceffa and his production partner Andrew Vallentine and will star Graceffa in the lead role.

The film will follow the story of Graceffa’s character, a drifter helping a young boy of mysterious origins, to evade capture by the FBI. The story incorporates elements of science fiction and action adventure. According to promotional materials, Graceffa’s character will be forced to confront his own past mistakes while helping the young boy, Eon, on his journey.

This isn’t Graceffa’s first foray into long-form scripted content. The vlogger produced and starred in the multi-part fantasy web series “Storytellers” last year. He has also been tapped by New Form Digital, the digital studio launched by Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Discovery Networks, to produce another short film this year.

Creators like Graceffa are increasingly tapping into their vast social followings to produce more diverse content. In the past, young actors had to wait for a big break or the perfect role to find them, but in the age of social media stars, popular performers can call on audiences to jumpstart their careers.  The “Storytellers” project was funded via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign allowing Graceffa to create his own starring vehicle. The project has lead into “Eon.”

The “Eon” trailer is available now on YouTube and the full film will be released Sunday July 20th on Vimeo.

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