Just Kidding Films to Fans: Leave Olivia Thai Alone

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The problem with fans is that sometimes they care so much they make your enemies their enemies … even when people you have problems with aren’t actual enemies.

Such is the case with Olivia Thai, a former associate of the Just Kidding Films family. After being released over an issue with finances, Ms. Thai took to social media to bring the court of public opinion on board — apparently, this maneuver backfired for her. Just Kidding Films has had to post a plea on their Facebook page to their fans, asking that Thai be left alone and not harassed or contacted in animosity.

The post, reads in total:

To all our fans,

It was brought to my attention that some of our fans have gone to Olivia’s social media accounts and have been harassing her.

This whole incident has gone too far, we never wanted to make it public and still don’t want to. We are currently in contact with her and we are trying to resolve this issue. The thing we don’t want right now is the fans to be involved by “fighting” for us. If you are going on her facebook/twitter/instagram/youtube and bad mouthing her, please stop this immediately. All we want to do is work out our differences privately. The bullying has to stop. There have been various comments about her being this psycho x girlfriend, money hungry and a liar, those are really hurtful and mean things to say, even if you all do not agree with the way the situation was handled, no one should suffer that kind of verbal abuse. We don’t support that type of trash talk and please keep it classy y’all, we don’t want to see anyone, including Olivia get more hurt from this.

We just want to continue making videos for you and don’t want to see anyone get bullied because of a disagreement that happened between us.

Joe Jo and Bart Kwan, Just Kidding Films’ founders, previously released a missive about the controversial termination but likely never foresaw the outcry from fans on their behalf. And it certainly seems like the tension between Olivia and Just Kidding Films has dissipated some, so for all the angry fans out there … maybe just stick to watching the videos?

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