Justin Bieber Bares All (Or Most?) For His New Selfies-Only App

We all know Justin Bieber is a man of many talents. He’s a musician, an “actor” and a prolific taker of shirtless selfies. What you may not know is that he is also a tech world entrepreneur. The tiny millionaire has dumped several of his musical millions into an app called “Shots of Me,” a photo app in the vein of Instagram but only for selfies.  Yes, that’s correct, Justin Bieber has channeled his single greatest gift — taking pictures of himself — into funding an app for taking pictures of yourself! That, my friends, is what is known as synergy.


Since its debut, “Shots of Me” has been retitled as simply “Shots,” a classier and more elegant title that is in no way evocative of binge drinking and the partying lifestyle which is synonymous with the name Justin Bieber. The app has found some traction but it has struggled to gain a large user base. That’s probably because it’s promise of being “the Instagram of selfies” raises an obvious question: Isn’t Instagram the Instagram of selfies?

Still, tech pioneer Justin Bieber is undaunted. In what is almost certainly an attempt to bring attention to the app, Justin has been posting a flurry of selfies, including a recent snap angled to suggest that the serious business tycoon and occasional song-singer was naked. Based on the evidence, we can confirm that Justin Bieber was indeed shirtless, as he is in the majority of his recently photographed appearances. The search for any evidence of pants will have to be left to a forensics team. What we can conclude with certainty is that Justin Bieber is bringing all of his natural talents to bear in an effort to bring attention to Shots. We may not know when his next album will drop, but we do know where we’ll be able to find his most recent scandalous selfies.

Will you be downloading Shots? Are you more or less likely to download it knowing that Justin Bieber is pretending to be naked on it sometimes? Share this article and let us know.

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