JustKiddingFilms Releases Statement Regarding Controversial Firing Of Olivia Thai

The recent publication of “private” company dealings between JustkiddingFilms and a former member of their “family,” Olivia Thai, have been headline news around these parts lately.

As JustKiddingFilms co-head Joe Jo tells it, these proceedings and events were never meant to be public. But now that they are, there is a certain diplomacy with which the resulting P.R. must be handled. Careers and income are at stake here, and as such, both sides have to be cautious in how they react.

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JustKiddingFilms admits they maybe didn’t think the controversy would blow up like it did and so they hesitated on putting out a public comment — a move that made them perhaps unfairly look like the bad guys in many YouTubers’ eyes. They assured NMR that in the near future they would put out a statement on their Facebook page regarding the incident, and apparently that day has arrived.

To be honest, it’s a little more conservative in its explanation than I think a lot of people were hoping for. While it doesn’t go into the lurid details surrounding the incident, maybe that is fair? Maybe the world doesn’t need to know all the ins and outs that go into bringing us hilarious and entertaining content? But damn if we aren’t curious.

We’ll see how this continues to play out — maybe JustKiddingFilms is taking the smart path, knowing that time will ebb this story away into nothingness in the consciousness of YouTubers. After all, they tend to be a fickle lot.

Here is the post in its entirety:

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