Kabillion Partners With Base79 For New Kids Content on YouTube

Kabillion, Splash Entertainment’s network of on-demand animated and live action content for kids, has partnered its YouTube channel with international multi-channel network Base79. The deal, announced today, will join Kabillion’s content, ranked among the top 10 free on-demand kids networks in the US, with Base79’s YouTube expertise in hopes of growing a larger audience and creating new innovative programming to be distributed on YouTube.

Kabillion’s diverse array of youth-oriented properties will be managed by Base79, who will look for opportunities for collaboration with other creators within its network. The network will also work with Kabillion’s producers to create new original programming, both live action and animated, featuring Base79 creators. The London-based MCN is comprised of over 1,500 YouTube channels and 850 content creator partners including NBC Universal and The Jim Henson Company.

Kabillion, by their own estimate, reachers over 45 million homes in the United States through partners like Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Its primary focus is animated programming like “Chloe’s Closets” and “Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch,” “Code Lyoko,” and “Bobby’s World.” All these programs will be available through Kabillion’s YouTube channel along with new content created in conjunction with Base79.

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