Kain Carter Shows There Is YouTube Life After Scandal

Ahh, scandal. We’ve seen quite a bit of it on NMR (and broke a fair amount of it too). But how damaging is scandal to a YouTube star? Is there such a thing as a scandal a YouTuber can’t come back from? Well, if you check out Tom Milsom’s channel, apparently yes. But what about plagiarism?

Kain Carter took major heat a year ago when it had been determined he had been ripping off bits from Patrice O’neal, Katt Williams and Chris Rock (amongst others). Of course we didn’t cover it because NMR was taking its unscheduled vacation on NoInvestors Island. So we didn’t exactly miss this — it was more like nobody wanted to give us money for covering it. We’re strangely basic creatures in that regard. But now that the money flows like chocolate from Willy Wonka’s waterfall, we are able to do a retrospective about how Mr. Carter weathered the controversy.

As you can see on August 4, 2013 he posted the above video about how he wasn’t in effect ripping off comedy bits from O’Neal so much as he was paying homage to the dead man. He was in uncharted waters as his social media accounts blew up and he got major coverage from media casting shade on him. It looked like his account and YouTube career was dead in the water. So as a sort of Hail Mary, Kain took to YouTube to explain himself. But the comedy world, who notoriously looks down on plagiarists, didn’t buy it. Or did they?

This video is from the last few days. And as the numbers show, both on Kain Carter’s YouTube account and on SocialBlade (People, Tubefilter also has charts apparently! We highly recommend that you check out their charts as well! Please, for the love of god, won’t you check out the Tubefilter charts), Kain hasn’t gotten more popular exactly, but his numbers are on an uptrend. And there haven’t been any more complaints lobbed in Kain’s direction about plagiarism in the last year, so apparently he is, if not back in comedy’s good graces, at least off their radar. And as far as his income is concerned, that’s a good thing. We’ll have to check back in on Tom Milsom in a year and see where he is at. Somehow, I don’t think YouTube will be as forgiving.

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