Latest Vine Update Adds Real Time Loop Count

If you’ve ever spent any time on social video app Vine then you know that it can be addictive. Six-second video clips loop automatically and some are so bizarrely hypnotizing that you may want to watch them again and again without even realizing it. Well, now all those views are finally going to count for something. The latest update to Vine introduces a surprise new feature: a loop count to track just how many times a given Vine has rolled. The numbers stack up in real time, which makes for some amusing viewing, especially on popular Vines that garner millions of views.

Vine stars like Nash Grier, currently the most followed account on the app, have already cracked eight-figure views on their recent posts. While these view counts should be taken with a grain of salt, given that most users watch the same Vine a few times, the real time counter provides a sense of the velocity at which popular Vines spread throughout the network. Because of the bite-sized nature of its content, weeks-old Vines by popular creators like Grier, Cameron Dallas and comedian Brandon Calvillo are still steadily climbing as users scroll back through dozens of posts at a time.

Though growing in popularity, Vine has struggled to convince advertisers of its potential. By making views public, Vine provides context, allowing potential advertisers to better gauge how many impressions their ad could expect from a Viner with several million subscribers. Vine has only been tracking views since early April, and only made those view counts public with the latest update to the app released last night. Vines posted before April 3 will only display loops accrued since that time but a “+” will indicate that the figure is not exact.

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