Look Out, World: Fred. Is. Back! (DUN DUN DUN!)


When Lucas Cruikshank walked away from his infamously high-pitched Fred character, the world lost one of its most subversively dark figures. At his culmination, Fred had grown into a edgier version of his formally light self. By the end, I could imagine Fred shooting up his high school. It was reminiscent of the criminally underrated “Death to Smoochy” film in that regard. But now the darkness of light has returned!

Announced today on YouTube, FRED IS BACK! According to the teaser (posted below), in which a jaunty Jamaican mon informs us that he took the world by storm, we are promised new Fred videos starting Aug. 5. Hopefully the time away from the character has allowed Lucas to fully flesh out some of the nuances that make Fred so damn appealing to young and slightly-less-young alike.

Lucas hasn’t actually been out of the YouTube scene altogether, mind you. He has a successful channel with his bestie Jenny Veal called Lucas and Jennie. So if you just. can’t. wait. until Aug. 5, head over there and get to meet the guy behind the Fred curtain.