Machinima Parties With Rihanna in YouTube’s Most Elite Club

NMR pop quiz! What doMachinima and Rihanna have in common? The answer is that the gamer-centric network and the saucy “Pour It Up” chanteuse are both officially members of YouTube’s elite 5 billion view club. Only two channels have ever cracked that stratospheric number. One is RiRi’s Vevo channel, home to her popular music videos, and the other is Machinima’s home base, which hosts videos about gaming, technology and social media news from Machinima’s stable of 22,000 content creator partners.

To put this news in context, it’s important to remember that the population of the world is estimated to be around 7 billion, so imagine more than two-thirds of the world watching Machinima videos and you’ll start to get a sense of how many eyes that is. Rihanna is the most viewed channel in the history of YouTube, which puts Machinima in second place and climbing rapidly. Presumably, when they catch up, the gang at Machinima will sit the Barbadian songstress down and get her thoughts on the PS4 versus Xbox One debate.

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