Meet Peggo: A New Tool Lets You Take YouTube Audio Offline

File this under “tools to make your life a little easier.” We’ve all had the experience of finding a totally awesome song on YouTube that we’re just dying to add to our offline playlist. A new web tool called Peggo lets you do just that. Peggo lets you convert the audio from any YouTube video into an MP3 for convenient offline listening. It’s super handy if you want to build a playlist of your favorite YouTube artists’ unreleased hits or catch up on a YouTube talk show while you’re on the go and out of Wifi range.

All you need to use Peggo is the URL of that YouTube video you want to convert. Once you’ve provided the link you’ll have the option to provide your own title information and even trim to specify the portion of the video you want to record as an audio file. Peggo will also trim down any long silences or pauses for easier listening.

While the service is super convenient if you want to listen to YouTube audio on the go without burning up your mobile data, users should keep in mind that ripping audio files is controversial. The tool can be used on any YouTube video, including ones that contain copyrighted audio. Similar services like Zamzar have been blocked by YouTube in the past for just that reason. Ethical concerns aside, Peggo is easy to use and a massive time saver if you’re someone who needs to catch up on YouTube while you’re on the go.

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