‘Meet’ YouTube’s Most Anonymous — And Richest! — Power Couple: BluCollection & DisneyCollectorBR

If you study the YouTube analytics as often as NMR does, you’ll see one unusual name pop up frequently along with PewDiePie and all the rest of the “regular” top performers: DisneyCollectorBR.

She’s an interesting lady in that she is consistently on top of the YouTube performance charts and yet nobody seems to know who she is. Well, almost nobody. See, not far behind DisneyCollectorBR in popularity is another channel: BluCollection. Both are dedicated toy channels that feature anonymous creators who open and play with a wide variety of toys. BluCollection is hosted by a man, DisneyCollectorBR a woman. They are rumored to be husband and wife as their similar channels are linked together, both on YouTube and in presentation: all we ever see are their hands as they open packages and hear their slightly accented voices as they ooh and aah over what they’ve gotten. It seems simple enough, but viewers — especially kids — LOVE IT. DisneyCollectorBR’s videos at 2.4 billion have been viewed more times that Psy’s and BluCollection isn’t far behind. In fact, it’s safe to say that when you look at their views and advertising attached to their videos, they’re multi-millionaires.

As Buzzfeed points out in their article on the two channels, branding merchants would love to connect with these two and shower them with endorsement deals. And yet, they seem unfindable. The really spooky thing is — we seem to know their names, where they live and what they did before YouTube. But none of that seems to matter — these two are ghosts, and considering they’ve declined to respond to several interview requests by several media companies, that’s just the way they seem to like it.

The couple’s identity came to light on a blog called FranticMama — the siterunner was asking anyone she could find about the true identities of BluCollection and DisneyCollectorBR when someone in the comments, claiming to be a friend of theirs, posted the answers:

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 1.18.41 PM“They are indeed married, their names are Messias and Vera Credidio. They’re in their mid 40’s and live in Winter Park, Florida about 30 minutes from DisneyWorld. Before starting his YouTube channel, Messias ran a photography company. And the BR on DisneyCollectorBR? It stands for Brazilian — their ethnicity.”

And yet, with this wealth of information, I couldn’t find squat. No social media, no confirmed pictures of them — only that the photography business that Messias was president of, was called High Tech Photography Inc. And yet, zip on either of these two people or if they have family.

Clearly they want to be left alone to do their own thing and not get harassed, which is fine in principle, but damn if we aren’t curious about strangers hosting a couple of insanely popular children’s channels who seem to go to great lengths to not be identified.

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