Michelle Phan Strikes Back In Copyright Lawsuit; May File Countersuit

Whew, I was worried that this whole thing would wind up in a quiet out-of-court settlement …

Michelle Phan, YouTube’s most famous beauty guru has struck back in what could shape up to be quite a nasty lawsuit.

Phan, who is being sued by Ultra Records, home to some of EDM’s most popular musicians including DeadMau5 and Kaskade, has claimed that she DID in fact have rights to use their music — that is, according to her lawyers. Now her team might file a countersuit.

Phan’s lawyers, speaking exclusively to TMZ (sigh!) say that Ultra fully agreed to allow Phan to use the music and feels her videos have promoted their music and “showcased [them] to an international audience.”

Ooh, somebody’s lying!

Kaskade, who has been mentioned specifically in many of the stories pertaining to this lawsuit, has sided with Phan in the ordeal, posting to his Twitter account that:

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 4.09.36 PM

We’ll of course stay with this and let you know how things wind up.

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